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Kradsetræ JUAN cream

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Varenr.: 63743-92  /  Forventet levering: 27-08-2024
  • Beskrivelse
    The Nobby scratching tree "Juan" offers everything a cat's heart desires. Its simple design in warm cream makes the cat tree not only an ideal play and sleeping place for your cats, but also a decorative piece of furniture. Cuddly hollows, a large plate with cushion, a cave and hammocks provide cosy retreat for even large and heavy cats. The sisal trunks and the cave with sisal areas offers your cat playful variety and the necessary claw care. The ground board measuring 80 x 50 cm and the sisal trunks with a diameter of 12 cm ensure a stable position. This means that even larger cats can rest on the cat tree and feel good. It has a total height of 166 cm. base size: 80 x 50 cm; height: 166 cm; scratching trunks: sisal,  12 cm; colour: cream; also suitable for big cats
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